We are the only company dedicated to developing professionals and organizations in technical industries using the Principles of High Performance (PHP) framework.

With extensive technical knowledge and leadership experience in a variety of technical industries, partnering with EverRise means partnering with professionals who have lived, worked and led in your shoes.    

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We Work With:


Aerospace & Defense

Chemical & Materials



Paints & Coatings

Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices

Robotics & Hardware Development

Software Development

Academic Institutions

Professional Societies

What We Offer

Executive & Individual Coaching

Individual attention and one-on-one coaching with a seasoned technical leader. We keep you accountable while helping you build your skills.


We offer dexterity in planning and managing mergers, acquisitions, and transitions.


Already have a specific topic in mind or want to discuss potential topics? Our High Performance framework curriculum can be used to create a variety of high-value seminars & workshops.


Delivering the message of High Performance and Leadership in Tech for your organization or event.

Peer Forums & Mastermind Groups

Get the benefits of networking with peers and one-on-one coaching. We offer groups for emerging leaders, experienced leaders and startups.


A custom blend of services based on assessment of your team and/or organization.

Level up with Tech Groups

Join the six-month group coaching experience. Be a part of a trusted small group of startup leaders. Get guidance on all aspects of your business from other established leaders. Let us know you’re interested by filling out the form below. Get more information about the program with our free handout.

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