High Performance Framework

Successful, high performing companies prosper by building, nimble customer-focused, collaborative organizations in which every person is an engaged and contributing partner in the business.  The Principles of High Performance (PHP) framework is a proven, research-based methodology focused on four areas: assessment, strategy, leadership and teams.


hp model

At EverRise, we know there’s no lack of brilliant ideas, innovative technology and promising opportunities in the technical world.  So what holds so many organizations back from reaching their full potential? 

#1 Answer: Lack of Leadership

That’s why we focus on building great leaders and teams within your organization.  We work with you to assess your organization and strategy to get a clear picture.  Then we create and deliver a plan to build effective, empowering leadership and teams.     


  • Embody the five practices of the world's greatest leaders
  • Create clear, compelling, and achievable visions and goals.
  • Determine your leadership style with an understanding of the five major leadership types (trailblazer, architect, manager, technician, coach).
  • Establish yourself as an empowering leader who brings out the best in others.
  • Learn how to define, manage, and organize your priorities.
  • Cultivate an ability to lead others to success.


  • Discern the value of teams vs. traditional work groups.
  • Master meeting management skills, critique your meeting effectiveness, and develop action plans to improve meetings.
  • Clarify team member roles and responsibilities to ensure greater accountability.
  • Use four disciplines of execution to measure performance, track progress, and create goals.
  • Develop an ability to recognize different collaboration and communication styles.
  • Leverage individual strengths for successful teams..

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