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The Reason Why I Want to Pummel Elizabeth Holmes

Like many, I followed the epic rise and meteoric fall of Theranos and its founder Elizabeth Holmes.  I listened to John Carreyrou’s best seller, Bad Blood while traveling to visit clients.  I’m sure I concerned a few folks on the road when they saw me yelling in my car.  It wasn’t road rage.  It was

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Powerful Truth I Discovered in a Parking Lot

I’m getting better with the truth.  The truth is that I found myself recently sitting in my car in the parking lot of Aldi’s eating an ice cream and listening to a podcast just so I could hide from my family and extend my grocery shopping alone time.  Truth.  Don’t judge.  I love my family,

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Tech AND Leadership not Tech OR Leadership

In my recent TEDx talk, I shared my saucy mission with the world. I’m on a mission to eliminate shit leadership in tech. I’ve been known to toss out a curse word. If you don’t like it, you can fill in your own favorite adjective. Crap, garbage, toxic, bad, etc. Be creative. You may think

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7 Principles of High-Performance Organizations

Often when I work with groups, we start by talking about our collective experience in awesome organizations vs. really bad ones. It doesn’t take long to come up with a list of characteristics of organizations in chaos. Common aspects are: lack of vision, no teamwork and poor innovation; constantly shifting priorities; always working in crisis

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crystal tedx

Dr. Crystal Morrison talks at TEDx Strip District

Dr. Crystal Morrison recently gave a talk at TEDx Strip District in Pittsburgh, PA. The title of the talk was “Leading in Tech Requires Learning to Lead.” Dr. Morrison talked about her journey from professional scientist to her passion for helping leaders in tech industries. EverRise LLC is a consulting firm dedicated to transforming technical

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dr. morrison presenting

Dr. Crystal Morrison presents for leadership experts in Texas

Before giving her TEDx talk in the Strip District, Dr. Crystal Morrison presented for a group of leadership experts from around the country. The group was in town for a leadership certification training in Waco, Texas. Certification training helps 360 Solutions Strategic Partners stay up to date on the latest in leadership development topics like

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women in tech website

Dr. Crystal Morrison named Top 100 Women in Tech Pittsburgh

Dr. Crystal Morrison, Founder and CEO of EverRise LLC, was named one of the Top 100 Women in Tech by Women in Technology Pittsburgh. The website started as a way to shine a light on the accomplishments of women in the Pittsburgh tech scene. The founders of the site found that women, in general, don’t

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