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Week 4 – #EverRiseWomen2019

Very hard to believe we’re cruising toward the end of November and week 4 of #EverRiseWomen2019!  To learn more about the origins of #EverRiseWomen2019, check out this post. Here are the amazing, talented women of week 4: 22. Monica Flores – Monica Flores is a business development pro and has delivered software solutions to various

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Week 3 – #EverRiseWomen2019

We’re already wrapping up week 3 of #EverRiseWomen2019!  To learn more about the origins of #EverRiseWomen2019, check out this post. Here are the amazing, talented women of week 3: 15. Dr. Aimee Curtright – Dr. Aimee Curtright is a Senior Scientist at RAND Corporation. With a PhD in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley, Dr.

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Week 2 – #EverRiseWomen2019

Another week of #EverRiseWomen2019!  To learn more about the origins of #EverRiseWomen2019, check out this post. Here are the amazing, talented women of week 2: 8. Dr. Lirong Bao – Dr. Bao is a leader in Henkel and currently leads global product development team for semiconductor materials. Following graduate school at the University of Michigan,

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Week 1 – #EverRiseWomen2019

Do you have any idea how stinking excited I am to be sharing kick ass women in tech with the world?!?  Probably not.  I’m straight up, dancing-in-the-kitchen-with-a-spatula excited.  Yes, that’s a thing (or maybe that’s just in my house).  To learn more about the origins of #EverRiseWomen2019, check out this post. To continue the excitement,

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61 Women in 61 Days – #EverRiseWomen2019

A few weeks ago, I was scrolling social media under the guise of “work” and thought seriously about the content I was consuming.  Is this content feeding my brain?  No.  Is this content fueling my soul?  No.  Is this content highlighting good in the world?  No.  I decided to be more purposeful in sharing positive

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Are you asking for a heart surgeon?

Approximately 90% of the companies listed on the Fortune 500 list in 1955 are now gone. These companies have gone bankrupt, merged, or perhaps still exist but have fallen from the Fortune 500 list. Each year, 1 million new businesses are established and 40% fail before the end of the year. After 5 years, 12%

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Six Steps to Use Data to Unify Your Organization for Growth

I had the honor recently to give the kickoff keynote for the #ExigentMashUp2019 event hosted by my new friends at Exigent Group Limited. It was a unique event purposely designed to bring people together with diverse professional backgrounds, personal experience and ways of thinking.  Legal and data.  Right brain and left brain.  Analytical and creative. 

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Letter to my Younger Self

Dear young Crystal, Here’s some really important things you need to know: #1 You don’t have to have it all figured out.  Your education is more than a degree or even multiple degrees.  Your education grows every day based on the experiences you embrace and the challenges you face.  Your education grows every day based

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The Truth is I’m Human

When this blog is shared on social media, I’ll be standing on stage in Chicago delivering a keynote on innovation, leadership and partnerships.  I’m sure I will be poised, strong and all smiles.  I’m sure I’ll be keeping it together.  The truth is that I’m struggling big time.  The outside world sees someone who is

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The Top 5 Leadership Myths

I love challenging conventional wisdom.  I was born to upset the apple cart and march to the beat of a different drummer.  My mother would agree.  I think that’s why I’m so devoted to helping technical organizations build better leaders.  When we hide behind the myth that STEM types are poor leaders, we miss the

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