What I’ve Learned in TWO Years…

This week EverRise celebrated our 2 year anniversary.  What a journey!  Somedays, it seems fresh and new and other days if feels like forever.   

Someone asked me recently what’s the most important thing I’ve learned over 2 years.  That’s a great question and I could start to blather on about all I’ve learned.  I won’t blather on.  I’ll get right to the point. The most important thing I’ve learned in 2 years is:

don’t take “no” personally

I’m not good with “no.”  Ask my mother.  For over 40 years, I’ve been hell bent on busting down walls and not taking “no” for an answer.  Needless to say, I come from a long line of women that were never good with “no.”  I’ll share some stories another time.  

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, I’ve been told “no” a lot in the past 2 years.  I lost count.  “No, we’re not interested.”  “No, we work with someone else.”  “No, I don’t need leadership development.”  Or just “No.”  I like to think of myself as someone who has a thick skin. From military officers to C-suite execs, I’ve gone toe-to-toe with some fierce personalities over the years.  I’ve pitched countless ideas and projects and built a lot of programs from the ground up.  The difference is that now I’m pitching myself and my company and our expertise.  I’m not pitching a product.  I’m pitching myself and my team so when I hear “no,” I tend to translate that into a personal punch.  The reality is that “no” is not personal.  I’m getting better at that fact and replaced “no” with “not now.”  I think it’s a good strategy 🙂

So happy 2nd birthday to EverRise!  Looking forward to many more years and lots of learning!